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MFL-4008 magnetic flux leakage is a kind of equipment to detect both external and internal corrosion of ferromagnetic pipelines This system has advantages of simple operation, high testing efficiency, easy to take etc With new ferromagnetic material and special mechanism design, this MFL system can check pipelines from OD 45mm to 60mm Different with other NDT testing methods, MFL is not affected by the internal flow media in the pipe MFL-4008 is equipped with different kinds of transducers and length-measuring counter Designed with advanced multi-channel real-time testing technique, DSP digital-electric technique and microprocessor technique, this equipment can be used to test steel tube, steel bar, round steel, and steel cable, also the pre-service on-service of ferromagnetic metal component, such as storage tank under plate, tubing and bar etc
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● Channel: 8 (can be extended to 16/32 channels)
● Testing range: tube OD 45mm to 60mm
● Driver method: pull or push by hand
● Speed: 0.5 M/min 
● Thickness range: 12mm
● Max. precision: corrosion pit of 20% thickness for 6mm thick tube
● Cable: standard length is 5 meter
● High-pass filtering:0~500Hz 
● Low-pass filtering:10~10KHz
● External power supply:AC 220V 
● Internal Power supply: battery
● Range of working temperature: -25°C~+60°C