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EEC-3001 intelligent magnetic flux leakage inspection system is designed with advanced technology like DSP, FPGA digital analysis technique and SMT technology This system is used for tank floor plate inspection It can check and measure corrosion and thickness decrease This system now is well used in many countries including China, Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia Compared with other systems, EEC-3001 is reliable, stable and efficient
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● No need any process for the surface, and no need magnetizing for the item to be detected;
● High sample rate, high resolution;
● It can detect item with 5mm thick standard coating;
● Standard signal process model based on PC;
● Real-time display of testing signal;
● Roller device which is easy to operate and can go up and down as well as forth and back;
● Max voltage in the tank is DC12V or DC24V;
● Trolley scanner is highly integrated with the software and hardware of testing equipment;
● Microcomputer control, modular design;
● Sensitivity transducer, exact channel response;
● New-type signal process module can suppress noise;
● 2D encoder is optional to realize testing signal imaging.
● Size: 300*256*126mm (L*W*H) for the testing host
● Weight: 6kg (host), 55kg (trolley)
● Power supply of the testing host: DC18V of power supply adapter
                                                       14.8V 4AH for built-in lithium battery
● Operating Temperature: -20°C~+55°C
● Storage Temperature: -20°C ~+55°C
● Relative humidity: not more than 85%
● Channel: 16
● Gain: 0~90dB in step of 0.5dB
● Filter: High pass 0~500Hz
             Low pass 10~10000Hz
● Max. penetration depth: 12mm
● Scanning speed: 0.5m/s
● Battery: built-in lithium battery can work continuously for at least 6 hours per charge
● It can detect pit on the tank floor plate with depth of 6mm and diameter of 3mm
This system is well used for boiler and pressure vessels, pipes, blades, bearings, rails, gear pairs, welding parts and ferrous components.