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With advanced technologies and functions, such as array eddy current testing ability, multi-channel testing functions of magnetic memory and magnetic flux leakage, 80M high-speed sampling UT function use 12bit A D, DSP digital processing technique, SMT process technology, EEC-2005 is multi-functional tester which can be applied in various industries The equipment is supply power by new-type lithium battery, and the users can select display of TFT true-color or electroluminescent high-light EEC SMART has industrial computer modular organization with stable performance and high reliability The equipment can supply strong computational capability, display of large screen and high resolution, and storage space of large testing data
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Auto/manual amplitude and phase measurement
● Unequal phase/amplitude alarm
● Array eddy current testing function and C-scan function 
● Impedance plane and strip curve displays 
● Online operation, prompt with hotkey help
● Parameter, graphic data can be transferred between the same type equipment or microcomputer
● Graphics and parameter can be stored, replayed and analyzed
Magnetic  Memory  Detecting:
Channel: 8
Minimum measurement distance: 1mm 
Maximum measurement distance: 150mm 
Maximum scanning speed: 0.5m per sec
Eddy Current/Remote-Field Detection:
8 Frequencies And 4 Channel
Frequency Range: 64Hz-5MHz (Remote Field:5Hz~5KHz)
Gain: 0-90dB,Step Length: 0.5dB
Magnetic Flux Leakage /Low Frequency Electromagnetic Detecting:
Gain: 0-90dB,With Step Length Of 0.5 dB
High-Pass Wave: 0~500Hz
Low-Pass Wave:10Hz~10KHz
Ultrasonic Detecting:
Range Of Working Frequency: 0.5M~20M (three bands for choice) 
Adjust Gain: 0-110dB With Step Length Of 0.5dB(Hairbreadth: -1dB~3dB)
Demodulation Way: Positive/ Negative, Bi-Direction And RF
Sampling Precision: 12 Bit AD
Sampling Velocity: 240MHZ
Pulse Shift: -10~1000m/S (Steel Longitudinal Wave)
Zero Point Of Probe: 0~200μS
Sound Velocity Of Material: 1000~15000m/S
Testing Range: 0~10000mm (Steel Longitudinal Wave)
Continue-Adjustable, Minimum Display Range : 1.0mm
Suppress: -80% Linear Restrain
Error Of Vertical Linearity: ≤3%
Surplus Sensitivity: ≥ 62dB
Measuring Resolution: 0.01mm
Memory Date: 1000 Groups, 100 Groups Of Parameters
Others Technical Standard:
Microprocessor: 32 Bits
Memorizer: 128M (Extendible To 2G)
HD: 500G
The memory capacity: 2G
Operating Temperature: -25℃~+60℃
Internal Power Supply: 14.8V 4AH (Rechargeable Lithium Battery)
External Power Supply: AC 220V