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EEC-508 combine the modern NDT equipment, computer and the net technology The system base in Windows XP software Realize the inspection data sharing in every way Realize data acquisition, transmission , analysis and storager simultaneously Improve the efficiency of field inspection EEC-508 is essential NDT equipment for nuclear, power, petrification, aerospace, aviation and military project
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Auto/Manual amplitude and phase measurement
● Special unequal phase/amplitude alarm
● Special high resolution of ultrasonic near field
● Display of impedance plane and time base scan
● Special display mode of multi-impedance plane, time base scan, endoscope, 2D/3D imaging of eddy current array scan
Eddy Current Testing:
● 8 frequency real-time driving
● Frequency range : 64Hz~5MHz 
● 8 independent testing channels(can be extended to 128 channels) 
● Gain: 0~90dB, step length: 0.5dB
Magnetic  Flux  Leakage:
●Channels: 8 (can be extended to 128 channels) 
● Gain: 0~90dB, step length: 0.5 dB 
● High-pass filter: 0~500Hz 
● Low-pass filter: 10Hz~10KHz
Ultrasonic  Detecting:
●Channels: 8 (can be extended to 128 channels) 
● Frequency range: 0.5~15MHz (three bands for choice) 
● Testing range: 0~10000mm (steel longitudinal wave) 
● Gain: 0~110dB, step length: 0.5dB 
● Linear reject: 0 to 80% full screen 
● Rectify: RF, fullwave, half+ and half- 
● Vertical linear error: ≤3% 
● Sampling precision: 12-bit AD 
● Sampling rate: 200MHz 
● DAC/TCG curves 
● Scan modes: A-SCAN, B-SCAN, C-SCAN