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EEC-2004 intelligent multifunctional electromagnetic testing system is the new generation of NDT equipment with eddy currnet testing technique, metal magnetic memory testing technique, magnetic flux leakage testing technique, remote field eddy current testing, low-frequency electromagnetic technique and digital electron technique and microcomputer processing technic in integral whole This equipment adopts the most advanced microcomputer technic, DSP technic and SMT craft producing technic It has stable and reliable performance and high signal-to noise ratio It can real-time test the metal material defects, differentiate alloy category and heat treatment condition and measure the diversification of the thickness and so on effectively It is a useful, digital, multifunctional and portable electromagnetic equipment
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● With the probe automatic calibration function
● Digital filter
● Auto/manual amplitude and phase measurement
● Unequal phase/amplitude alarm
● Impedance plane and strip curve displays 
● Online operation, prompt with hotkey help
● Parameter, graphic data can be transferred between the same type equipment or microcomputer
● Graphics and parameter can be stored, replayed and analyzed
Magnetic  Memory  Detecting:
Channel: 8
Minimum measurement distance: 1mm 
Maximum measurement distance: 150mm 
Maximum scanning speed: 0.5m per sec
Eddy Current/Remote-Field Detection:
Frequency range: 64Hz~5MHz (RFT and ELF:5Hz~5KHz)
2 individual optional frequencies (can be extended to 8 frequencies) 
3 mixing unit (mixing automatically)
Phase rotation: 0~359°,with step of 1°
Magnetic Flux Leakage(Low  Frequency  Electromagnetic  Detecting):
Channel: 8
Range of gain: 0~90dB with step of 0.5dB
High-pass filter: 0~500Hz 
Low-pass filter: 10Hz~10KHz
Other technical indicators:
Microprocessor: 16 (table 32)
Memory: 128M (table 320G)
The memory capacity: 16M (table 2G)
TFT color screen/ High-light EL screen: EL 320x240
Internal power supply: 14.8V 4AH  lithiem battery
External power supply: AC 220V
Range of operating temperature: -25 ℃ - +60 ℃
● Early diagnostic for component fatigue damage by detecting stress concentration.
● In-service, on-line, off-line inspection of seamless and welded pipes.
● Widely used for the inspection of heat exchanger tubing and chillers.
● Well used for automatic testing of various components and parts, such as blade, wheel hub, gear, bolt hole, auto part, aircraft components etc.
● Sorting of materials, heat treatment condition, hardness etc.