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EMS-2000+, a smart metal magnetic memory instrument, is a new generation non-destructive testing (NDT) instrument with advanced microelectronic, computer and magnetic memory techniques Experiment proves that under the action of the alternative loading, the normalization phenomenon of the magnetic domain occurs at the places containing defects and inclusions in in-service ferromagnetic components, and leakage magnetic field arises on it At the places of defects or internal stress relative concentration the metal magnetic conductivity is in possession of minimum value, and the tangent component of its magnetic field is in possession of maximum value, and therefore the sign of the normal component is changed and its value is zero The stress concentration areas can be located by detecting the normal component of leakage magnetic field on the surface In this way, whether the work piece has defects or not can be indirectly determined
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Measurement channel: 8 channels
● Calibration way: instrument probe/geomagnetic field
● Clock for length measure: internal/external clock
● Various display mode
● Step: 1~256mm
● Max. scanning speed: 0.5m/s
● Gain: 0~90dB in step of 0.5dB
● Digital filter: 1~100
● Storage: 96M
● Memory capacity: 128M
● Microprocessor: 16 bit
● Range of operating temperature: -20C~+55C
● Display screen: 5.7”, 320x240 pixel
● Instrument size: 250 x 120 x 100mm
● Weight: 2.30kg
● External power supply: DC 18 V
● Internal power supply: 14.8V, 4Ah  (rechargeable lithium battery), battery can work for more than 5 hours per charge.
● Alarm mode: alarm when HP value goes through zero (gate 10~100) / K value alarm (1~500)
● PC software for analysis and processing of MMM data
● Available to record, store, copy and analyze the testing data. 
● No need pretreatment of the testing surface, and not need to magnetize.
● Early diagnostic for component fatigue damage by detecting stress concentration.
● Well used for various components and parts, such as blade, wheel hub, gear, bolt hole, auto part, aircraft components etc.