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EUT-101C is one new product of high performance portable ultrasonic dectecting instrument series for large cast-forge structures in power station and aeroplane parts by Xx Company The instrument not only has characteristics of high sensitivity, wide frequency band, high resolution, high repition rate and sorts of shortcut key and interface, but also has a few new functions, such as B scan defects imaging, A B scan displaying, recording and playback for dynamice wave more than 3 hours It is used for generating standard decting atlas and long distance diagnosing The independent software for the instrument and key function are designed according to the easy operation and understanding with full text hint and help
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● Transmitted Pulse:Tine Pulse Amplitude≥600V,tr≤15ns
● Damping: high / medium / low gear
● Repetition frequency (PRF) 25Hz~10KHz, multi-rang regulating available
● Detection range: 3~15000mm (longitudinal wave of steel), adjustable continuously,minimal display range of 3mm
● Shift in pulse: -10~1000mm (longitudinal wave of steel)
● Material Velocity:1000~15000 m/s
● Frequency: 0.5~20MHz. Broadband / narrow band optional
● Gain:0~110dB,with 0.5/2/6dB step
● Attenuation Error:No more than ±0.1dB in each 2dB
● Vertical Linear Error:≤3%
● Horizontal Linear Error:≤0.5%
● Detect sensitivity margin:≥68dB
● Far field resolution:≥28dB
● Measurement resolution:0.01mm
● Rejecting:0~80%,Linear rejecting
● Measuring point selection: Rising egde or Peak value
So it can be not only used in huge structure for high sentivity detecting, but also used in aeroplane parts for high resolution detecting with high frequency narrow pulse probe.Moreover, it can be used for automate or quasi-automate inspecting with the support of creeping machine or scan system.