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EUT-302 Digital Ultrasonic Detector

EUT-302 is a kind of pocket detectors specially produced for ultrasound flaw detecting with great mobility, like high overhead work of steel structure Though it’s small in size, it is portable and with high performance EUT-302 is designed with A B scan display on the screen at the same time The thickness measurement is in high precision The dynamic echo record can be replayed for up to one hour Various thickness measure methods are designed for different thickness Besides the measure of sample thinner than 0 5mm and corrosion pit in tube ID with coating, this instrument can monitor the thickness measure result with A echo, and store and imaging with B scan So, this instrument can be used for UT imaging of high-voltage porcelain insulator, welding inspection, UT flaw detection and thickness measure of auto parts etc
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Size and Weight
● Size (mm): 185 x 120 x 45
● Weight (kg): 0.5
● Built-in Power Supply: 7.4V, 3.5Ah
● Outer power supply input: DC 8.5~12V
● Battery: continuously work for more than 4 hours per charge
Work Condition
● Operate Temperature: -20°C~+55°C
● Store Temperature: -20°C~+50°C
● Relative humidity: not more than 85%
Ultrasonic Testing
● Transmitted pulse: the sharp pulse amplitude ≥ 400V, the rise time of front edge tr ≤ 15 ns
● Repetition frequency: 25Hz~10KHz, with several adjustable levels of 25Hz/50Hz/ 100Hz/200Hz/500Hz/1KHz/2KHz/5KHz/10KHz
● Detection range: continuously tunable from 3~10000mm (longitudinal wave in steel), the minimum display range is 3mm
● Pulse shift: -10~1000 mm (longitudinal wave in steel)
● Probe delay: 0~200μs
● Material velocity: 1000~9999m/s
● Screen: euphotic 3.7 inch color TFT
● Frequency range: 0.5~25MHz, with three bands of 2~4MHz / 4~6MHz and 0.5~25MHz
● Gain: 0 ~ 110 dB with step of 0.5/2/6dB
● Sampling rate: 400MHz
● Vertical linear error: ≤3%
● Horizontal linear error: ≤2%
● Inspection sensitivity margin: ≥ 58dB (2.5P20  200mm deep x Φ2 FBH)
● Remote field resolution: ≥ 26dB (2.5P20)
● Gate: a/b/c/d four independent alarm gates. Besides the positive/negative alarm functions for all gates, gate a with function of tracking, gate b/c with function of echo expand and gate d with function of bottom wave reject
● Thickness measure method: double crystal probe, single crystal probe, coating thickness measure, Sbb
● Thickness measure range: 0.2~1000mm (longitudinal wave in steel)
● DAC curve: record 10 echo reference points at most, distances of the three DAC lines are adjustable, echo reference points can be modified
● Storage: 1G memory enables to store 1000 group parameters and DAC/TCG curve, up to 1 hour full wave replay and automatically store function
● Interface: USB, Internet, and power supply
● Other functions: probe echo frequency measure, automatic amplitude, automatic calibration of material velocity and probe delay, automatic measure of probe refraction angle, echo expand etc.
● Piston rod testing
● Nodularity testing of ductile cast iron
● Water immersion detection
● High-voltage porcelain insulator detection
● Thickness measure for 1~5000mm metal material with double crystal or single crystal
● Measure thickness less than 1mm with high-frequency narrow pulse probe