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EUT-103 Intelligent Ceramic Insulator Ultrasonic Instrument

The EUT-103 is a portable ultrasonic flaw detector suitable for flaw detection of welds in various steel plates and forging It s features is high sensitivity, broad frequency band ,high resolution, low consumption, excellent steadiness and stability, light and easy for operation, etc It is especially for mobile outdoor use or work at high altitude, in fields of power
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● English /Chinese menu for selection, with text prompt during operation
● Large memory for saving up to 1000 data sets, including echoes, curves, parameters, detection reports, etc.
● Signal replay:the signal which flaw detector in 4 hours be capabil to storage and replay
● The specially technology of flaw detection: stored many procedures for flaw detection in high strength porcelain and normal porcelain
● B-scan imagery: display of A/B –scan, defection imagery
● The Shortcutkeys for Flaw Detector of high strength porcelain and normal porcelain, Automatically test of the acoustic velocity,repelay, A/B-scarn,save and operation instruction
● High-speed USB interface allows data storage on USB drive and PC ommunication.
● LAN port allows remote data transfer and management. It provides management to instrument parameters when the instrument is used as independent square wave pulser
● Power Supply : Large-capacity Li Battery, no memory effect; Battery (14.8V, 6.3Ah)
● Operating time: More than 6 hours
● Frequency: 0.5~20MHz. 1~6 MHz、0.5~15MHz or 3~20MHz three stalls
● Gain: 0.0~110.0dB. Steps as 0.5/2.0/6.0dB
● Sampling Rate: 400MHz
● Transmitter Pulse Sharp Wave Pulser, Transmitter Pulse Voltage: ≥500V,tr≤15ns
● Surplus Sensitivity: ≥66dB
● Range of Flaw Detecto: 3 ~ 15000mm (longitudinal wave at steel velocity)
● Measurement Resolution ratio 0.01mm
● Vertical Linearity Accuracy: ≤3%
● Horizontal Linearity Accuracy: ≤0.5%
● Storage: 1000 groups parameter and echo pattern