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EEC-16 XB digital sonic pulse instrument is a new generation NDT instrument EEC-16 BX can be used to inspecting leaking of tube applications in the petroleum chemical and power generator industries No matter the material of tube is made from nonferromag-netic or ferro -magnetic non-metal
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Parameter Adjustment
● Adjustable gain from 0dB to 48dB in 0.5dB steps.
● Adjustable probe drive power
● Coupling length adjustment
● Starting distance down adjustment
● Adjustable length of tube to view from 2 to 100 meters.
● Adjustable diameter of tube from 10 to 100 millimeter.
● Adjustable pulse width from 0.1 to 10 milliseconds
Colored Real-Time Display
● Colored real-time display
● A-scan displays
● Independent vertical to horizontal display scaling ratio adjustable from 0.1 to 10
● Viewing area (Enlarge location area signal)
● All instrument settings are shown on the display.
● Audio, visual and logic output alarms
● Special alarm areas adjustable
● Alarm area size and positioning are inde-pendently adjustable Filter & Others
● Digital filters
● Fast electronic balacing
● Adjustable sample rate.
● One connector are provided for probe
● One analog alarm outputs
● Print data to Epson series Memory Store & Recall
● Stores test setups
● Stores screen images
● Other test data storage capability
● Full PC compatibility
Easy to learn & Easy To Operate
● Friendly controls are directly accessible
● All parameter settings and configurations are done from the keyboard and can be individally stored and retrieved fron hard or flexible disk.