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The EEC-33+ adopts EC impedance plane and Time-based technique, time base curve and EC signal planar graph of real time multi-screen displays testing object All of operations can be handed by instrument’s hint, keypad controlled Standard testing applications are stored in soft and hard disks so that can be transfer anytime The important testing results those can be stored in the soft and hard disks can be freezed up in the screen with words and printed or copied anytime
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Computer full-digital Parameter adjustment, store-and-forward
● Man-machine conversation in menu (Chinese, English)
● DOS and WIM system (at choice)
● Real-time 4 impedance plane display and time scanning display mode
● Possible connect 4 EC sensors at the same time
● High resolving ratio, possible recognize 30μm deep metal nature cracks (on the glabrous metal surface)
● Fast electronic balance and digital phase circumrotation automatically
● Audio and visual alarm output,delay/real-time marking output and sorting signals output
● Possibly connect all of comparison expression, differential and absolute probes
● Automatic calculation,display the phase angle and amplitude of eddy current twwo-dimensional graphics
● Size:490*426*177mm 
● Weight:20kg
● External power supply:AC 220 V
● 4 independent detection channels
● 1 independent frequencie
● Range of Freq:64Hz~5MHz
● Gain:0~90dB, 0.5dB step adjustment
● Phase rotation:0~360° with step of 1°
● Gain ratio (Y/X): 0.1~10
● Hardware alarm output:8
The EEC-33+ can be used for online, offline, in service or off service testing in auto, petrochemical, metallurgy and machine and so on industries with 4 physical testing channels. It is easy to control and no need coupling medium or contracted work-pieces at the course of testing.