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EEC-35+ Multi-Frequency ECT Tester

EEC-35+ intelligent multi-frequency eddy current tester is designed with full digital electronic technique, eddy current technique and micro technique With two separate testing frequencies, two auto mixing units, and adjustable frequency range, EEC-35+ is an eddy current tester with high practicability EEC-35+ can provide good result while testing defects and measuring wall thickness of in-service tubes (ie: copper, Ti, aluminum etc ) It’s widely used in departments of nuclear energy, electric power, petrifaction and spaceflight It can suppress disturbing signal caused by baffle, indent, sediment, and cold-working Designed with full-digital technique, users can store testing datas and parameters and read them out for local testing
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Fast digital / analogue electric balance 
● Non-equiamplitude phase alarm/amplitude alarm 
● Automatic/manual amplitude and phase measur 
● Store large testing datas
● Real-time memorize multi-track eddy current signal 
● A-scan display 
● Digital filtering 
● Display of two trace impedance planes and two stripe curves 
● With multiple frequency configuration analysis function 
● Rectangular coordinates and polar coordinates background can be selected
● 2 independent frequencies 
● 2 automatic mixing units 
● Frequency range: 64 Hz~5 MHz; 
● Range of gain: 0~90dB with step of 0.5dB 
● Phase rotation: 0~359° with step of 1° 
● Digital filter: 1-100 
● High filter: 0Hz-500Hz , Low filter: 10Hz-10KHz
● In-service, on-line, off-line inspection of various pipes, such as Cu, Ti, Al, Zr etc.
● Well used for the inspection of heat exchanger tubes with tube sheet function.
● Well used in departments of nuclear energy, electric power, petrifaction and spaceflight etc.