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SMART-201 Multi-frequency Eddy Current Tester(STC)

This new powerful eddy current tester makes the manual inspection much easier, faster and more accurate Inspection settings for different applications can be stored in files and simply called up when needed Real-time multi-frequency eddy current technology makes the inspection efficiently Defect inspection, conductivity measurement and coating thickness measurement are all included in this instrument The all-in-one design makes the small body with strong function
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● High-precision defect inspection, like crack, scratch, hole, pit and so on
● High-precision conductivity measurement and coating thickness measurement
● Fast digital electronic balance
● Operation tips and help function can be called to display relevant information
● Two XY displays and real-time display
● Parameters can be stored in advance and easily called out for inspection when needed
● Connectors for USB, Internet and Encoder
● Languages available in English and Chinese
Battery lithium battery, long working time of 8 hours per charge
Frequency Range 64 Hz-5 MHz
Phase 0-359° in 0.1° steps
Gain 0-90 dB in 0.5 dB steps
Display 6.4" TFT 640 x 480
Operating Temperature -20°C to 55°C
Instrument Dimensions 2.4kg; 253mm x 87mm x 175mm
Defect Inspection
Frequency 2 driving frequencies per channel
Channel 1 channel
Mixing Unit 1 mixing unit to suppress noise signal at a constant frequency
Gain Ratio (Y/X) 0.1-10
Display Mode various display mode
High Pass Filter 0-500 Hz
Low Pass Filter 10-10000 Hz
Digital Filter 1-100
Drive Voltage Level 1-8 levels
Storage 4 GB for testing data, parameters and images
Coating Thickness Measurement
Measure Accuracy Displayed 0.01mm
Measure Range & Error 0-5mm (can be extended to 1-40mm), Measure Error: ±0.05mm
Conductivity Measurement
Measure Range & Error 1-65 %LACS, ±0.5%;  65-110 %LACS, ±1%
Storage 20 units of parameter, 100 units of screenshot
Measure Accuracy Displayed 0.01 %LACS
● Crack detection for aircraft components, axles, machine parts, bolts and so on
● Surface inspection for welds with or without coating
 Inspect non-ferrous heat exchanger tubes, boiler tubes and small pipelines
● Sort different heat treatment conditions and different materials
● Composite material inspection for layer gap corrosion
● Thickness change inspection for work piece
● Conductivity measurement and coating thickness measurement