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SMART-2097+ intelligent & portable multi-freq eddy current (EC) flaw detector is combined with advanced digital electronic technique, real-time multi-frequency eddy current technique and micro-computer technique With powerful practicability, it can efficiently detect flaws of metal material, and measure the change of thickness Users can preset desired programs and parameters, and then load out through man-machine conversation, hints of menu, and hot-key The product is small in size, light in weight The built-in rechargeable lithium-battery can be used at local test where there’s no external power supply SMART-2097+ is suitable for larger movable place, on which hasn’t external power and equipment should be moved often, such as field detection of electric power,petrifaction,navigation,space-flight,war industry etc The equipment can get good testing result for pre- and in-service detection in industries of aerospace, electric power and petrochemical
  • Main Feature
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● Own all functions of SMART-97 
● 2 independent frequencies (can be expanded to 8) 
● Automatically/manually measure amplitude and phase 
● Unique unequal phase/amplitude measure
● Display of two impedance plane diagrams and a stripe curve 
● High-light & wide-angled EL electroluminescent screen 
● Built-in chargeable lithium battery 
● The equipment can work for more than 8 hours continuously with battery powered 
● Background choice for right-angle reference frame & polar coordinates 
● Automatic display of calendar and time 
● Exciting voltage of probe can be adjusted by keyboard 
● Frequency: 2 frequencies 
● Range of frequencies: 64Hz-5MHz 
● Gain: 0-90dB (step: 0.5dB) 
● Phase:0~359°,1°per step 
● Digital filter: 1-100
● High filter: 0Hz-500Hz 
● Low filter: 10Hz-10000Hz 
● Internal power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery 
● External power supply: AC 220V 
● Range of operating temperature: -25℃-+60℃ 
● Common defect evaluation (i.e. surface test of aircraft’s blade, wheel hub and aircraft landing gear etc.) 
● Detect defects of inner side of rivet/bolt hole without taking apart the holes or fasteners 
● Detect defects of metal parts and ferromagnetic welding surface
● Measure change of thickness (i.e. wear, corrosion, and mechanical wear) 
● Thickness measurement of non-conductive coating/plating based on conductor 
● Detect in-service tube of non-ferromagnetic heat-exchanger (defects includes crack, wall thickness, corrosion etc.) 
● Test corrosion of composite layer, for example, multi-layer structure of airplane, joint of fuselage-wing.