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EEC-83 is designed with the most advanced DSP and CPU technology It integrates pulse eddy current and multi-frequency eddy current to effectively test steel pipe corrosion without removing insulation This equipment is full digital, all operation is done through keyboard and mouse EEC-83 is easy to operate It’s a kind of new testing equipment, it can be used for the inspection of pipes with various insulation (coating, cladding, thermal-protective coating etc ) or pipes with rough surface or with scaling It is especially applicable for in-situ inspection of steel wall corrosion with insulation
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Test without removing insulation
● Do not need to stop work of pipe
● Pipe temperature between -100℃ to 500℃
● It works even when the insulation is wet
● Influence from Al, SS etc. can be suppressed
● Optional in Chinese/English system
● Frequency range: 5Hz to 5KHz                         
● Testing speed: 1-130 point/min
● Display precision: ±0.1mm
● Thickness of insulation:  less than 150mm
● Pipe OD: more than 50mm
● Display mode: impedance diagram and testing value
● Power supply: built-in solid lithium battery
                          outer power supply of AC 220V