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Combined with advanced eddy current technique, electronic digital technique and computar techinue, SMART-301 is a new generation of eddy current tester It will get good result for defect detection, wall measurement and separation of various metal materials and components,i e , to measure plating and electronical conductivity
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Fast digital /analogue electronic balancing
● Strip-chart scan display or impedance plan display
● Man-machine conversation
● Alarm zone can be adjusted.
● Display of background rectangular coordinate system.
● Automatic display time.
● Simple operation, with Chinese and English operation interface
● More than 8 hours of continuous work
● USB communication interface(can be connected with PC, and display impedance plane diagram and strip-chart scan diagram of testing signal.)
● Can be equipped with absolute probe, differential probe and reflecting probe, such as through probe, flat probe, pencil probe and so on.
● External dimension:180×115×40 (mm)
● Weight: 650g
● Internal power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery(7.4V 3500MAH)
● External power supply: DC 8.5~12V
● Driving frequency: 100Hz~5.5MHz (adjustable)
● Gain range: 0~48dB (the step is 0.5dB)
● Phase rotation: 0~360°, the step is ±1°
● Digital filtering:1~100
● High-pass filtering: 0~500Hz
● Low-pass filtering: 1~500Hz
SMAR-301 has high sensitivity to defects of metal materials, i.e., surface crack of copper tube, pincher or spilly place of seamless steel tube, steel pit, crack, nick of guide board, trasversal crack and separation layer.