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X1 Handheld ECT Tester

It has been proved by research that, operate smart keyboards with thumb is much easier than with other fingers because it has less joints X1 takes this advantage to realize one-finger operation Moreover, with the latest digital electronic technology and microcomputer technology, this instrument can offer not only extremely convenient operation, but also reliable and stable high performance X1 is designed with advantages of impedance display mode and micro power It can be used for the inspection of various flaws The instrument case is made from light and wear-resistant material to make it sturdy and durable X1 has high sensitivity for discontinuities of metal materials, such as cracks on copper pipe surface, puckers and scars of steel pipe, pits, scratches, wear scars, transverse fissures or separation layers etc Besides the man-machine dialog and the special digital electronic balance technology, X1 has a broad frequency range from 64Hz to 5MHz which is appropriate for inspection requrements of various metal materials Since designed with full digital technology, parameters for various applications can be saved for future use
  • Main Feature
  • Technical Parameter
  • Application
● Frequency range: 64 Hz~5 MHz (adjustable) 
● Gain range: 0~90 dB, adjustable in step of 0.5 dB
● Phase rotation: 0~360°, adjustable in step of 1°
● Fast digital/analogue electronic balance
● Impedance plan display window
● Delay disappear of signal track
● Menu type man-machine dialog
● Communication by USB port (connect with USB and other removable storage devices) or network port (connect with PC)
● Digital filter
● Optional in absolute probe, differential probe and self-comparing probe
● The alarm area is adjustable
● Boundary dimension: 183×120×44 (mm)3
● Weight: 600g