Train wheel plate video screen vortex detector

Safe operation of locomotive is related to passenger's life and property safety. In order to ensure safe operation of locomotive it is necessary to carry out the periodic detection for locomotive's key parts. The vortex detection as a kind of mature nondestructive detection method, with its high sensitivity, high reliability is being widely used. Entrusted by Ministry of Railways Transport Bureau Equipment Department, EMT-2006 series multi-function electromagnetic detector has been certificated by railway science research institute, and is the specially approved product for locomotive maintain system of Ministry of Railways.
EMT-2006C Handheld wheel core multi-frequency vortex detector
Due to the devices such as power driving, braking, shock absorbing are usually installed inside and outside of the locomotive wheel body, the original detection method is therefore difficult to carry out defect detection in situ for wheel set, wheel plate, rim, hub and wheel core.
Video multi-frequency vortex detector has a broad application prospect in situ scene detection, for example, in situ detection of wheel core part of railway high-speed train, locomotive in service. Using the instrument, the surface of part doesn't need to be pretreated, and paint layer thickness can be measured under the condition of no paint remove, lift-off effect (including probe shaking) is small.
The combination of both quantitative detection of crack depth and video image display, can better analyze the defects, and the defect vortex signal screenshot and defect video screenshot can also be directly same screen displayed or printed in hard copy. Especially the video vortex probe with extension rod designed for small minor wheel set detection of railway locomotive, can be used for real-time monitoring crack damage status of wheel core.
2.Technical features
1)Non-directional vortex testing
Non-directional vortex testing function, is a improved design revolutionary vortex detection ability on the basis of electrical disturbance sensor and combined with intelligent judge of instrument terminal. It solves the disadvantages of conventional vortex detection, lift-off effect is small, with the characteristic that different scanning direction signal amplitude is constant basically ,with good use effect in site.
a)The scan direction and crack direction is at an angle of 35°
 b)The scan direction and crack direction is at an angle of 45°
c)The scan direction is perpendicular to crack direction(90°)
d)The scan direction is parallel to crack direction(0°) 
Fig1 . test results contrast (the impedance diagram of left side is crack signals for normal test, the diagram of right side is the crack signals after intelligent judgment compensation)
2)Rapid crack depth measurement function
Vortex detection is a relative amount detection method, cannot directly detect actual size of defects. The terminal can measure the actual depth of defect by making calibration curve and using comparative method. So it is very suitable for rapid measurement and evaluation of defect depth in service detection process.
3)Video detection function
Connecting special vortex video integration detection probe, for switch between detection state to video monitoring state, you need only to touch a button.
Related accessories
 Special video probe with extension rod
Non-directional probe with extension rod 
(special probe for wheel plate detection)
Standard rolling steel wheel block             Standard cast steel wheel block 
 (Physical wheel core reference blocks)
Field application pictures
A illustration of crack found on locomotive wheel plate                           Test site                             
Test site 
  Overall wheel crack                                     Defect vortex signal