The locomotive gear vortex detector

The safe operation of locomotive involves lives and property safety of passengers. After running for a long time, the drive gear for locomotive wheel set is easy to produce fatigue crack, if not be found timely, it is possible to affect safety operation of locomotive.
For testing the parts near the wheel for locomotive wheel set drive gear in case of no removing the gear and wheel set, the space is narrow, and magnetic particle testing is not easy to observe, and there is the possibility of missed detection.
Vortex detection of gear parts has a wide application prospect. Using vortex detection, the part surface does not need be pretreated, and by the detection method , the reliable detection of weld location and crack direction can be obtained. Using the detection method, the detection in situ under the condition of not removing is possible, and the quantitative detection of crack depth is also possible.
The detection of whole gear can be completed only within two or three minutes by adopting vortex detection method and special probe clamp developed according to the characteristics that crack is easy to create on forced location of the gear. At the same time of avoiding missed detection, it also can improve the testing efficiency, reduce labor intensity.
2.Technical features
1)No any surface treatment is need
2)Rapid speed testing 
3)High repeatability
3.Related accessories
Probe pushed by hand
Root testing probe
Physical gear test block
Field application
             Gear test site                                               Illustration of vortex test
Testing site of a locomotive depot
The gear crack damage picture tested by locomotive depot
Vortex detection waveform of crack tested by locomotive depot
Product quality certificate and certificate of honor

EUT-101C ultrasonic flaw detector
Specially used for railway
                   ◆ specially used for locomotive maintain   ◆ specially used for passenger vehicle
          ◆ specially used for vehicle trucks             ◆specially used for track division
【Technical parameters】
· Frequency range: 0.5~15MHz  divided into 1~6/0.5~15MHz two stages 
· Gain: 0~110dB, divided into0.5/2/6dB stepping
· Sample frequency: 400MHz
· Transmit pulse amplitude: ≥500V,tr≤15ns 
· Detection sensitivity allowance: ≥66dB 
· Detection range: 0~5000mm(Steel longitudinal wave)
· Measurement Resolution: 0.01mm 
· Vertical linear error≤3%
· Horizontal linear error≤0.5%
· Storage: memory of 4 G, can store 1000 sets of instrument parameter and echo graphic  
· Waveform playback: with 4 hour full waveform playback and automatic storage function
· Special flaw detection process: can pre-store or to set all kinds of special parameters for field use
· B scan imaging: A/B scan same screen display, with defects imaging and automatic storage function
· Built-in rail system flaw detection process
· A variety of shortcut: with automatic sound velocity measurement, A/B scan, fast storage, playback, compare and operation hints shortcuts, use very convenient
· Interface: U interface, internet access , encoder interface
· Power supply: ac/dc power supply
· Built-in power supply: lithium battery 16.8 V, 6.3 Ah
· Equipped with: TOFD data offline analysis software, portable scanner 
· Working time: can work continuously more than six hours  
EUT-102 Special railway ultrasonic flaw detector 
Pervious to light type TFT color screen display and automatic light keyboard
Operations in strong sunlight or low illumination environment are clearly visible
                    ◆ specially used for locomotive maintain   ◆specially used for passenger vehicle
            ◆ specially used for vehicle trucks            ◆specially used for track division
Product quality certification by China academy of railway sciences 
【Technical parameters】
· Curb: 0 ~ 80%, linear inhibition
· Thickness measure range: 0.2 to 1000 mm (steel longitudinal wave)
· Measurement resolution: 0.01 mm
· Measurement point choice: front or peak
· Gates: a/b/c/d four independent alarm gates, besides with into/lost wave alarm function, also: a gate for tracking gate, b/c gate with echo wave extension, d gate with bottom wave attenuation function and b/c gate can be used to measure many times echo distance within the gate, and distance of the first echo between the two gates, etc. 
· Storage: store 1000 groups of data and instrument parameters
· AC:100~240V,1.4~0.7A,50~60Hz;
· Input: DC12V,2A
· Battery: 7.4V,3.5Ah
· Other features: automatic amplitude, gate strobe, bottom wave attenuation, probe echo frequency measuring, materials sound velocity and probe zero automatic correction, measurement for probe angle of refraction, echo evaluation and measurement results highlighted display type B scan imaging, A/B scans same screen display and internet access, U interface, encoder interface, and many other functions.
· Note: premise is technical requirements and function used for the instrument standard product, also can be adjusted according to customer demand for increase or decrease, or supporting high-precision thickness measure probe, the company is willing to provide the best quality service.
· Transmitted pulse: sharp pulse amplitude ≥400 v, tr≤15 ns, easy to adjust between 100 ~ 400 v
· Single/double isolation ratio: 90 db
· Detection range: 0 ~ 5000 mm(steel longitudinal wave), continuous adjustable, minimum display range 3 mm
· Frequency range: 0.5~25MHz  divided into 2~6/0.5~25MHz three stages
· Gain: 0~110dB, divided into 0.5/2/6dB stepping
· Sampling frequency: 400MHz
· Attenuation error: every 2 dB error not more than 0.1 dB
· Vertical linear error: ≤3%
· Horizontal linear error: ≤0.5%
· Detection sensitivity allowance: ≥60dB
· Far field resolution:≥28dB
· DAC curve: can record up to 10 echo reference points, can change the distance between DAC three lines, the echo reference point can be modified 
·Commonly used DAC curve: equipped with 10 kinds of commonly used probe DAC curve for use at any time
· Thickness measure: with twin crystal probe thickness measurement, single crystal probe thickness measure, single crystal probe coating layer thickness measure, single crystal delay probe high-precision thickness measure and other functions
4.High speed train hollow axle detection
1)Harmonious EUT –I high speed train hollow axle ultrasonic testing system
The system is Jointly developed by Shanghai railway bureau and Eddysun (Xiamen) electronic co., LTD. the system includes rotating  probe, ultrasonic testing, machinery control system, machinery push∕pull, oil pipe coupling, intelligent control and industrial computer  subsystems, etc.
The system makes actual detection of more than 500 times using standard axle and high speed train hollow axle (in site) for nearly a year in Shang-Hai-Nan high speed train testing ground. Results show that this system completely conforms to the inspection standards from Ministry of railways, meet the needs of fatigue crack detection in service, its overall function has reached the level of imported equipment, part index is superior to imported equipment.

2)EMT - 308 D high speed train hollow axle electromagnetic imaging system
In running process, high speed train hollow axle can produce stress concentration and fatigue crack, Eddysun company with 20 years of technical accumulation, developed EMT – 308D high speed train hollow axle electromagnetic imaging system. The system can realize the magnetic memory testing of stress in hollow axle, and vortex detection of surface fatigue crack, and 3 D imaging, making up the deficiency of existing ultrasonic testing, improving the reliability of field testing results.
EMT–308D tests hollow axle in Shang-Hai-Nan high speed train testing ground 
Hollow axle end short circumferential groove electromagnetic detection 3D stereogram
Vortex magnetic memory integration probe specially used for high speed train hollow axle