Typical application cases I

For crack detection of inner ring gear for aircraft parts, the vortex testing technology can be used for testing and monitoring parts status by special electromagnetic signal changes caused by defects, to ensure the safety performance of mechanicals.
2.Testing plan  
Used for  testing the possible cracks of inner gear and inner ring gear. Considering the special V shape of inner ring gear, in order to make the detection more stable, it is necessary to make the detecting coil against surface of inner ring gear. Therefore we make sensor outline match and complementary with V shape of inner ring gear to engage them together. Probe can easily scan the inner ring gear, so as to ensure the sensitivity of detection and find cracks.
Vortex signal interface
Suggest actual part and time detection signal diagram
3.Testing technology and characteristics
Using vortex testing technology, through the electromagnetic properties formed by defect in testing parts, the positions of defects are determined. The plan has a special probe which is closer to the measured surface with special shape, and can easily manually scan detection, scanning orbit stability and easy to operate, can find defects as well.
4.Recommend instruments and accessories
1) Handheld multi-frequency vortex detector: the X3-I mechanical parts are mostly batch tested (use the auxiliary devices such as industrial control machine + mechanical clamps, etc. auxiliary devices)
2) Portable multi-frequency vortex detector: SMART-2097
3) Specially dedicated detecting probe