Typical application cases II

 The state detection of surface damage for a main battle tank gear (magnetic memory, vortex), magnetic memory make early testing predictions for fatigue stress of gear, combines with vortex detection of surface damage. Integrating the both detections can monitor and judge gear conditions to have the effect of detection and early warning.
2.Testing plan    
Diagram of outer gear

Magnetic memory testing interface 
Testing possible cracks of outer ring gear. Considering the special V shape of outer ring gear, in order to make the detection more stable, it is necessary to make the detecting coil close to surface of outer ring gear. Therefore we make sensor outline match and complementary with V shape of outer ring gear to engage them together. Probe can easily scan the outer ring gear, so as to ensure the sensitivity of detection and find cracks.
At the same time, probe integrates magnetic memory testing technology, to monitor the stress concentration area of tested ring gear for judging fatigue degree of gears, thus find early the stress concentration area, play a role of early warning.
3.Detection technology and characteristics  
Using vortex and magnetic memory testing technology, at the same time of testing defects, monitoring fatigue condition of parts and early warning. The technology has a special probe which is closer to the measured surface with special shape, and can easily manually scan detection, scanning orbit stability and easy to operate, can find defects as well.
Vortex + magnetic memory integration technology comprehensive evaluation:
Both test technologies form four kinds of test results:
Type Vortex Magnetic memory signal Synthetic judgment
A No defect No stress concentration In good condition
B No defect Stress concentration With stress concentration area, if continue to develop, damage may be produced
C Defects No stress concentration Has produced defects, but the stress has been decreased or released
D Defects Stress concentration Has produced defects such as cracks, continuation existence of stress concentration and destroy danger
4.Recommend instruments and accessories       
1) Intelligent magnetic memory/vortex detector: EMS-2003+
2) Intelligent multi-function electromagnetic detector: EEC-2004
3) Special vortex/magnetic memory copying probe