Typical application cases III

The material sorting of loading and unloading vehicle parts, regardless of ferromagnetic or non ferromagnetic, for vortex sorting no magnetizing device is needed, but according to the electromagnetic properties of the material. For specifications of different parts, you can make manual sorting by suitable sorting probes, also can make mechanical automatic sorting. Consistency of parts detection position must be ensured when testing, to avoid vortex signal changes caused by different gap locations. You can customize sorting probe matching with detect surface according to actual situation of testing points required by different shape parts, to achieve accurate and stable detection conditions. 
2.Testing plan        
Ningbo snail forging sorting and case
First, select the number of different categories standard parts, use appropriate frequency, detect and read the same kinds of parts signals with probe, and divide into areas. The more standard parts used for calibration, the more accurate areas. The method is used to calibrate the different categories of part signal area.

When sorting, place probe in inherent test position of part, compress probe and make it close to surface of part, the vortex signal of the instrument will enter into different material signal area in the form of points and alarm, so as to determine the material category of the parts.
3.Testing technology and characteristics  
The vortex testing technology is used to distinguish different categories of parts through the characteristic of signal offset caused by different material and hardness. The part does not need to be destroyed in the testing process which is entirely digital displayed and pollution-free, high efficiency and quickly to distinguish different categories of parts.
4.Recommend instruments and accessories           
Intelligent vortex sorter  EEC-41
Vortex sorting probe