Metallurgy industry is one of the biggest application field of nondestructive testing, to help customers improve production efficiency and product quality, we create the research and development team and service team of world first-class, rely on advanced professional skill and rich practical experience, to provide you with world-class high-end solutions and comprehensive after-sales service.
Nondestructive testing technology is used widely in all kinds of tubing and rod, wire, also most mature technology. Using a variety of nondestructive testing methods, users can realize 100% full inspection of products to improve quality of products, find the problems about production technology and raw materials, improve productivity and save costs.
Common methods are: online real-time detection; Off-line automated batch testing; Manual testing. The testing method is varied, such as vortex, ultrasonic, rays, magnetic powder, penetrating, etc.
Eddysun company is a professional vortex ultrasound equipment manufacturing enterprises, the company can specially designed related machinery electrical control equipment, according to the different needs of users and the different characteristics of tested products, providing customers with turnkey system, realizing automatic detection.
Eddysun’s products not only can be used in flaw detection, can also be used to thickness measure, hardness distinguish or heat treatment, etc, and to distinguish different type blending materials. Test results can be directly stored in hard disks, conveniently analyzed at any time, also printed directly.
Common test object of metallurgical industry
The vortex detections for tubes, bars, wires.
The ultrasonic detections for tubes, bars
Commonly used vortex testing standard as follows
GB/T 7735-2004 steel tube vortex flaw detection method
GB/T 5248-2008 copper and copper alloy seamless tube vortex flaw detection method
GB/T 5126-2001 aluminum and aluminum alloy cold-drawn thin-wall pipe vortex flaw detection method
GB/T 12969.2 2007 titanium and titanium alloy pipe vortex flaw detection method
GB/T 11260-2008 round steel vortex flaw detection method
Commonly used ultrasonic testing standard as follows:
GB/T 5777-2008 seamless steel tube ultrasonic flaw detection method
GB/T 8361-2001; cold-drawn round steel surface ultrasonic flaw detection method
GB/T 4162-2008 forging, rolling steel bar ultrasonic testing method
GB/T 3310-1999 copper alloy rod ultrasonic flaw detection method