Typical application cases III: wires vortex detection

1. Overview of wires vortex testing
As shown in figure 17, wires vortex testing can realize off-line automatic detection; can also be made on-line detection shown in the figure below 18, specifically how to do, should design according to needs of the user's own. 
Choice of test accessories depends on the material of wire and detection method. If it is ferromagnetic material and uses traverse type testing methods, magnetizing device is required.
Whether rotation detection or traverse type test, the concentricity and straightness should be guaranteed when the wire passes detection sensor in the test process.
Fig 17. wires off-line vortex detection
Fig 18. Wires on-line vortex detection
2. Wires vortex testing process
1) Wires off-line vortex detection
In some cases, when the wires production has completed and wound into reels later, in order to carry ondefect detection, vortex off-line testing method can be used. Through the special designed and customized mechanical electronic equipments, match with vortex testing equipment to realize requirements, as shown in figure 17.Thereinto, the machinery electrical control system is made of  feed, transmission, unloading parts, the vortex detection uses traverse type testing method, wires pass from middle of probe and magnetizing device to detect the whole roll of wires. The traverse type probe diagram is shown in figure 19. The diameter of probe inner hole is slightly greater than wire diameter, to guarantee the wire passing smoothly.
Fig 19. traverse type probe
2)Wires on-line vortex detection
For wires producing and processing enterprises, in order to save test input and building land, can take advantage of the mechanical structure of wires production line, cooperate with vortex testing equipment, realize real-time detection of products in production process, at the same time of improving quality of products, also managing and controlling the production process. For wires on-line vortex testing, detection sensor is usually as far as possible to use straightening wheel or tension wheel of production line, and fixed in the position where product straightness is better and wire shake faint, make wires traverse in testing probe and relevant mechanism with probe, as shown in above 18.
The choice of probe related parts is different according to material and testing methods. For example, ferromagnetic material needs to configure magnetizing device as shown in figure 20, and rotation detection to configure the probe. But no matter traverse type or rotation detection, should guarantee wire axis and axis of probe to be concentric.
Fig 20. magnetizing device

Fig 21. Probe rotation
3. Wires vortex testing technology characteristics
·   High detection efficiency: vortex testing with top speed of near km/min, ensure product to be completely nondestructively tested.
·   Long service life: using non-contact detection, the probe do not contact directly with parts and not easy to wear.
·   High degree of automation, can communicate with PLC programmable control, realize automation works such as feeding, alarming, marking, picking up the waste, unloading, etc.
·   High temperature resistant, with specially designing and processing of sensor, can test under harsh environment of high temperature of near kilo-degrees.
·   With powerful detection functions: in addition to defect detection, also can measure wall thickness, coating and clad layer thickness, prevent different type steel from mixing, etc.
·   With good economy and relatively low costs.
·   Security: the detection technology will not produce any radiation to human body.
4. Recommend detection instrument for wires vortex test 
Eddysun company’s instruments are designed with the most advanced digital electronic technology and microcomputer technology, and suitable for online or offline detection. The instruments can output different real-time signal and delayed signal according to the types and features of detected parts, the instruments can form a complete set flexibly with mechanical and electrical automation equipments to achieve all automatic detections such as: automatic feeding, detecting, unloading and sorting (separate qualified products and wastes). The instruments can also be installed directly on production line for real-time on-line detection, and separate qualified products and wastes by connecting with PLC programmable controller.
The instruments can connect externally with code disc, realize high precision marking and automatic sorting function nothing to do with the unit speed. At the same time, the instruments can also be connected to A – scan switch to realize A - scan mode detecting, and cumulatively detect the quantity of tested products and wastes
Commonly used models:EEC-22+ 、EEC-22SEEC-30SEEC-35+ 、EEC-35++EEC-39EEC-24EEC-24K
Commonly used options: traverse type magnetic saturatordemagnetization devicemarking machineacousto-optic alarmpoint probe out traverse type probeguide bushcabinet
5. Wires vortex testing application cases   
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