Power & Petrochemical

Eddysun company according to the characteristics of electric power and petrochemical industry, in “safe, convenient, reliable “as the goal, constantly expanding nondestructive testing entire solutions for electric power & petrochemical industry. For example: the detections in service and pre-service of heat exchanger pipe; the detections of steam turbine main shaft center hole and blade; sound pulse fast leak detections for various metal or nonmetal pipes; the early diagnosis of fatigue damage of ferromagnetic parts in service; ultrasonic testing of ceramic insulator and so on. Eddysun company’s advanced technology and reliable products and professional testing solutions in view of the demands, can bring the highest efficiency, minimum downtime, for electric power and petrochemical customers, and avoid unnecessary disassembly, improve accuracy of measurement, so as to find problems early in time, to ensure safety of production.

Relevant standards
·JB/T 4730.6-2005 Pressed equipment NDT - vortex testing
·GB/T 26641-2011 NDT magnetic memory testing general rules
·DL/T 1105.4-2010 Power plant boiler header small-bore takeover seat fillet welds magnetic memory testing
·DL/T 937-2005 The heat exchanger tube sound pulse detection technical guide rules
·DL/T 925S Steam turbine blade vortex inspecting technology guide rules 
·DL/T 883 Power station feed-water heater in service ferromagnetic steel tube remote field vortex inspecting techniques Guidelines