Typical application cases III: sound pulse technology applied in pipeline leak quick detection

For metal or non-metal pipeline, acoustic pulse technology can be used for rapid leak detection. the leakage tubes can be timely found in the process of overhaul, so as to improve reliability and economy of units.
2.Testing plans   
Connect sound pulse instrument and tested pipes, when tube wall perforation, cracks or district extension are found by instrument, scan line of screen appears the sine angle fluctuation from left to right and from down to up (namely waveform phase angle begins with a negative value). When the tube wall concave or plugs like dirt, rusty spot in tube are found by instruments, the screen appears sine angular fluctuation from up to down (namely waveform phase angle begins with positive value). The severity degrees of penetrating defect or jam is proportional to the amplitude of waveform signals, the location of defects can be determined by scanning calibration.
Fig 1. test schematic diagram
Fig 2. test signal diagram
3.Detection technology and characteristics 
Sound pulse detection is that when a bunch of acoustic wave spreads along a pipe, if it meets any opening, hole, ballooning, sag, crack, internal corrosion and deposition in pipes, a reflected wave will be sent back transmit end. Due to spreading speed of acoustic wave is fixed, through processing of computer system, the specific location of pipe anomalies can be determined accurately. Compared with other detection methods, sound pulse detection method has the following advantages:
· The fast leak detection of pipeline in service (more than 500 tubes per hour can be checked)
· Unlimited pipe materials, non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal pipe or nonmetallic pipes are suitable. 
· Straight tube ,bending pipe, winding tube are suitable; the penetrating defect in pipe, etc can be quickly found. 
4.Recommend instruments and accessories          
1)Recommend instrument:EEC-16/XB;
2)Recommend accessories: sound pulse special probe and conduit .