War industry

Industry Overviews          
China's defense industry has developed for decades, it is a process of constantly following with the world military development pace, and constantly exploring and developing in our own military industry base field. The road of China's military development is a process from weak to strong and step by step, is also a process of accumulation. Our company keeps learning, innovating, and working diligently for a long time in the military industry manufacture field, designs and manufactures the numerous quality nondestructive testing equipments, and has established friendly cooperation relation with many enterprises of weapons and equipment departments.
Our company has played an important role in nuclear energy using, vessel and vehicle manufacture, electronic information, specialty chemical, etc. dual-use industry, and escorts war industry development of our country with modern nondestructive testing technology.
Typical application in military field: early diagnosis of the metal structural members such as gun barrel, missile launcher, base of cannonball, cartridge case, tank, armored car, naval vessels, nuclear submarine, detecting the thickness change of sheet (scrape, rust, mechanical wear, etc.), the thickness of non- conductive coating or plating on conductor, and monitoring the change of heat treatment state, material sorting, etc.
CJG2908-1997 vortex testing method