Typical application cases II

1. Overviews           
The flaw detection of main shaft center hole for nuclear power plant steam turbine, and bolts, holes, etc.
Main shaft center hole detection field
2. Method of application     
Generally using vortex rotating flaw detection method, the method uses mechanical rotating structure stationary probe, and the probe spiral scan forward inside the hole to make flaw detection of hole/ inner surface of bolt hole, manual test with special probe for big bolts also can be used. Execution standard: DLT 717-2000 Vortex testing technology guideline for rotor center hole of steam turbine generator set.
A rotary gun for detection of inner hole/thread hole
3. Superior characteristic          
The vortex test does not need any coupling, and is simple and rapid, the entire process is clean and pollution-free, operation is simple, easy to realize automation, greatly improving flaw detection reliability and efficiency.
4. Recommend instruments