Typical application cases III

1. Overviews           
Turbine blades play a key role in energy transformation and are the most important components of turbine. Mould forging has been the main technological means for manufacturing blade, and there are many factors affecting the quality of blade forging, including blank shape and size. In modern industry, the structure damages about more than 80% are caused by fatigue failure. Multi-frequency vortex testing method can find effectively macroscopic defects or most of micro defects formed, by testing related parts of materials, equipments and components. 
Main shaft center hole detection field
2. Method of application                
The main and vice frequency of multi-frequency vortex detector is independently adjustable, plus the matching problem, frequency selection is very complex. When testing, should ensure a vortex flow in whole defected area, and enough phase difference between defect signal and other signal for phase identification. Metal magnetic memory testing technology is an emerging discipline in the field of nondestructive testing, it can make quick accurate early diagnosis to the stress concentration, failure, damage of ferromagnetic metal component, to prevent the sudden fatigue failures of equipments. On spot, the blade can be tested by metal magnetic memory +vortex comprehensive detection means, first a quick coarse test of part can be made by magnetic memory, if serious local stress concentration is found, a recheck can be made with vortex. EMS - 2003 vortex / magnetic memory integrated equipment newly developed by our company, also can be used for testing parts at the same time, it has the effect of display analysis two kinds of signals on same screen.
pecial vortex probe
Multi-frequency vortex actual detection signal
Vortex/magnetic memory signal display on same screen
3. Superior characteristic             
Vortex method has the advantages of high sensitivity, convenient operation, accurate intuitive for blade detection.
4. Recommend instruments           
EEC-39EEC-39RFT++ SMART-5097EMS-2003EMS-2003+EMS-2000+EEC-2004