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NDT State-Regional Engineering Lab Established

Time:2016-01-09 10:19:00
On 9th Jan 2016, Non-Destructive Testing and Optoelectronic Sensoring System State-Regional Engineering Lab was established in Nanchang Hangkong University. As head of the lab, Mr Lin Junming, president of Eddysun, attended the inauguration and unveiled the plate together with Mr Fu Kegang, Party Chief of Nanchang Hangkong University. 
“Non-Destructive Testing and Optoelectronic Sensoring System State-Regional Engineering Lab” was first proposed by Nanchang Hangkong University, Academician Workstation of Eddysun, and many other national and regional R&D institutes and companies. It is the first State-Regional Engineering Lab in the field of NDT. State-Regional Engineering Lab relies on company and R&D institute or university. It is implemented by National Reform and Development Commission to promote innovation, accelerate upgrading and transforming industrialization. 
After inauguration, the tenth academic committee meeting on NDT cloud testing of Ministry of Education was held. Mr Lin gave report on Recent Development of NDT Cloud Testing, introducing

Eddysun’s achievement in NDT cloud testing in 2015, including the very first “Internet+NDT” product – UT/ET/EChT equipment, which attracted great attention. 

Mr Lin Junming and Mr Fu Kegang unveiled the plate 

Representatives attending the inauguration