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First book to introduce “Contemporary Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Material” published

Time:2016-03-04 15:42:00
Deng Dan
Recently, “Contemporary Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Material”, authored by Mr Shen Jianzhong and Mr Lin Junming, was published by National Defense Industry Press. It is the First book to introduce “Contemporary Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Material”, funded by the Chinese Society of NDT, National Academician R&D Center of Eddysun. This book gives a comprehensive description of various methods and techniques in NDT of composite material, including well developed technologies and that to be explored. 
International competition on hi-tech area relies heavily on development of new material. As an important sub-category of new material, composite material is expected to have significant application in engineering and cutting edge technology. 
Mr Cheng Kaijia, academician of Chinese Academy of Science, key scientist for “two bomb and one satellite” project, winner of highest national prize, wrote preface for this book, commenting that “It is a great pleasure to see that, built upon scientific achievement by forerunners, our NDT scientists and engineers work diligently, investigate actively, explore boldly. Compilation and publication of “Contemporary Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Material”is undoubtedly a milestone in our NDT history, laying solid foundation  for future expedition on NDT of new material.