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The company ZETEC from America came to visit Eddysun

Time:2013-05-17 16:45:00
Miaoning Li
17th May 2013, vice president of ZETEC Mr. Kihang Choi and three other senior managers visit EDDYSUN in Xiamen. Eddysun’s manager Mr. LIN is pleased to meet friends, who are in the same industry. It is a great honor for both companies in searching cooperation opportunities. As we know that ZETEC is the famous manufacturer of non-destructive testing in the world, which is located in Seattle. 
Mr. Kihang Choi introduces the aim of this visit and presents the development history about company ZETEC. After the deep discussion and information exchange on eddy current testing, both companies have a same point – (innovation) in development of eddy current industry. Then, Mr. Lin showed the self-innovated products, such as electromagnetism, acoustics, integrated technology, to the ZETEC’s guests. And Mr. Kihang Choi is especially attracted by the integrated technology. 
At the end, Mr Kihang Choi says Zetec happy to invite Eddysun go to visit the headquarters of ZETEC in America.