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The Meeting of UK NDT Qualification and Standardization Held in Luton

Time:2012-11-21 16:05:00
From 20th to 21st, November 2012, the meeting of UK NDT qualification and standardization was held in Luton, UK. There were 66 representatives from 15 different countries attending the meeting. The delegation of Chinese Non-Destructive Testing Society attended the meeting, among which the managing director of the society and the general manager of Eddysun, Lin Junming, were the members of the delegation.
The meeting was hosted by the executive chairman of BINDT, Cameron Sinclair, in the form of report and discussion. The main points are shown below:
1. ISO9712 Standard combines with EN473 Standard into EN ISO9712 Standard: 2012, then introduction.
2. The introduction of the connection and transition between ICNDT MRA and EFNDT MRA.
3. The set up and control of ICNDT exam question bank.
4. The utilization of EFNDT exam question bank by ABENDI.
5. The introduction of BINDT certification body and PCN certificate training and test procedures.
During the meeting, the Chinese delegation discussed friendly with the ICNDT chairman, Mr. Mike Farly and the secretary general, Mr. Sajeesh Babu. They thought that the Chinese NDT Society could possibly be the first one to join the ICNDT MRA. In April, 2012, in Durban, South Africa, the ICNDT MRA was passed in the 18th International Conference of Non-Destructive Testing, and the former EFNDT MRA members can transit to ICNDT MRA. In the TG meeting in Japan, between 9th and 11st October, the vice director Shen Jianzhong signed the ICNDT MRA Agreement, representing the Chinese NDT Society. There were 5 ICNDT members signing the agreement, which were China, India, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. In this meeting in the UK, 2 societies signed the agreement, which were the Australian society and the Brazilian society.
The signatories of ICNDT MRA for a photo